Hobby miner sluice

  • Hobby miner sluice
  • Hobby miner sluice
  • Hobby miner sluice
  • Hobby miner sluice
  • Hobby miner sluice

Hobby Miner Sluice Box with durable two-sided silicone mat
The Hobby Miner sluice box is a rugged aluminum sluice to meet your needs with ease. Measuring 7.5 in wide x 34 in length makes for easy set up and transport with a capture area measuring 6 in wide by 32 in length that will handle as much pay as you are willing to throw at it.
The Hobby Miner Sluice Box also has 4 sliding levelers to aid in easy stream setup and adjustment for changing terrain.
Two-sided sluice mats:
These mats have made a name for themselves for not allowing gold to slide out of the mat easily, due to the hydrophobic nature of gold and silicone together making silicone mats fantastic for gold recovery.
The Hobby Miner Sluice features a two-sided silicone mat.
The Grizzly Bar profile of this mat allows you to run unclassified material.
The Hi Low V Mat with Nugget Trap will handle classified material giving you more options without another set up.
Silicone Mats have been tested at a working mine with over 300 hours of run time and show no signs of wear.
More options:
Stream Flair for low flow conditions and the Double Powerhead attachment to adapt your sluice into a recirculating Sluice.
The Hobby Miner Sluice is hand assembled, not factory made. Your Sluice will be assembled once your order is placed, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.


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